Madelyn "Maddie" Seltzer

Scarsdale High School

Marlins Dive Club

Class of 2021

Maddie Seltzer


Marlins Dive Club

Dylan Korn 914-262-2518

Lindsay Iordache 812-327-6262

Diving Videos

Compilation of my most recent (as of 11/22/19) competition optionals on all boards (length 2:29)

High School Diving Highlights - Fall 2019 (length 1:25)

2019 New York State High School Diving Championships November 22, 2019 (length 1:30)

More Diving Videos

Highlights from 2019 AAU Nationals (length 1:56)

Highlights from 2019 USA Nationals (length :42)

New Dive - 7M 205C

Diving Accomplishments

  • 5 Time YMCA National Champion (2018: 1M and PL, 2017: 3M, 2016: PL, and 2015: PL)

  • 6 Time USA National Qualifier (2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, and 2014)

  • USA National Finalist 2016: 1M

  • AAU National Champion 2019: 1M

  • 6 Time USA Diving Regional Champion (2018: 1M and PL, 2016: PL, 2015: 1M, 2014: 3M and 1M)

  • High School 2019: Undefeated Dual Meet Season, Conference Champion, Sectional Runner-Up, 3rd in States, All American

  • Scarsdale High School 6 Dive (307.30) and 11 Dive (521.70) record holder "10/25/19 News Article"

  • 2 Time New York State High School Conference Champion (2019 & 2017)

  • 3 Time Top 6 Finisher at New York State High School (public & private) Championships (2019, 2018, 2017)

16 - 18 Dive Lists

1 Meter: 103B, 201B, 301B, 401B, 5233D, 105B, 203B, 303B, 403B, 5134D

3 Meter: 103B, 201B, 301B, 403B, 5231D, 105B, 205C, 305C, 405C, 5235D

Tower: 103B (10M), 201B (5M) 301B(7M), 403B(10M), 5231D(7M), 5233D(5M), 405C(7M), 105B(7M), 612B (10M)

Academics, Awards, and Extracurriculars

GPA: 3.8 (Unweighted) Graduation Date: June 20, 2021

  • Signifer, Scarsdale High School Honor Society

  • New York State Public High School Athletic Association Scholar Athlete (NYSPHAA): Lacrosse 2019

  • All State and League, Varsity Swim & Dive: 2017 and 2018

  • All State, Section, and League, Varsity Swim & Dive: 2019

  • Journal News / Lo-Hud (Westchester, Rockland, and Putnam Counties) First Team, Diving: 2019

  • All League, Varsity Gymnastics: 2018 and 2019

  • Varsity Gymnastics Captain: 2019 - 2021 (2 seasons)

  • Midnight Run Club, President, 2019 - 2021 (2 years)


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    • "Seltzer Finds Right Sports-Life Balance" Scarsdale Inquirer 07-13-18 Link to Article

    • "Raider Girls Take 4th in NY State" Scarsdale Inquirer 12-08-17 Link to Article

About Me

Diving has been my passion since I was 7 years old, and I look forward to focusing solely on diving competitively in college.


I have been playing lacrosse since I was in second grade. This past season, I was one of three sophomores to make the varsity team and started the majority of the games, playing mostly midfield and taking the draws for my team.


I started competing in gymnastics when I was five. When I reached level 7 at age 12, I stopped gymnastics to focus more on diving. In 9th grade, I was excited to get back to gymnastics as a part of my high school varsity team, which offers a fun and competitive team environment.

Midnight Run

An organization in which volunteers distribute food, clothing, blankets and personal care items to the homeless living on the streets of New York City. I have been a participant in this club since freshman year and have made countless “runs" into NYC. As elected President for the next two years, I am responsible for organizing monthly collections of toiletries, food, and clothing, and planning the runs into NYC for distribution with fellow club members.

Civic Education (“CivEd”) Advisor

This is a community within Scarsdale High School to assist the freshman transition into High School. Each year, the deans select 8 rising juniors (4 boys and 4 girls) as new advisors. As an advisor my responsibilities include planning communal activities, listening to and assisting with problems or issues freshman may be experiencing, and being an over all role model in and out of school.


  • Dive Coach - Scarsdale Town Pool and Balliwick Club

  • Dive Instructor - Scarsdale Town Pool

  • Lifeguard - Scarsdale Town Pool

  • Lacrosse Instructor - TalentHood

  • Gymnastics Instructor - TalentHood

  • Babysitter

Other Interests

  • Triathlons

  • Wakeboarding

  • Snowboarding

  • Knitting

Short Video About Me!!! (length 2:08)